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Desert Rose Racing Hare and Hounds 2016

Desert Rose Racing Hare and Hounds 2016

at Westfield, East Sussex

£25.00 — £48.00

Personal Details

Bike Details

Class you wish to enter
ENTRY DECLARATION: I named above apply to enter the event described above and in consideration thereof:

1. I hereby declare that I have had opportunity to read, and that I understand the National Sporting Code of the O.R.P.A, the O.R.P.A standing

regulations, such Supplementary Regulations as have or may be issued for the event, and I agree to be bound by them.

2. I further declare that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and I am competent to do so. I undertake to inform the organisers immediately should any change in my condition occur which I have reason to or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to continue to participate in this event.

3. That I have completed a medical questionnaire form (see below) and that I will inform the organisers of this event, should my medical status have changed.

4. I confirm that I understand the nature and type of events and the risk inherent with the sport and agree to accept the same not with standing that such risks may involve negligence on the part of the organisers/officials.

5. I further agree that I shall not seek claim against the O.R.P.A, the organisers, the landowners, the promoter or other bodies or individuals connected with the event in respect of any damage to my property howsoever caused and whether by negligence or breach of statutory duty of the said bodies or persons.

6. I further agree that the machine which I enter and race shall be suitable and proper for its purpose and that it will comply with the regulations in respect thereof.

7. I understand and agree that I am required to register my arrival by signing on at the event control office or other designated area, not less than 30mins prior to the commencement of said competitor's practice or first competition, whichever occurs first.



All Members must sign a form at sign-in on the day of the event to confirm no change in your medical circumstances. If there are any changes in your medical condition please inform us.

Under 18s

A parental signature will be required a sign-in on the day of the event.


This medical questionnaire must be completed by all non members wishing to participate in the event. It is also the information required for One Day Competition Licence and must be filled out by anyone wishing to purchase a Day Licence for the event.

Personal Details

Medical Details

1. Have you ever suffered from or been treated for the following or any other serious illness?

2. Are you suffering from any Illness at the moment ?

3. Do you have any vision defect or loss of sight in either eye?

4. Do you wear spectacles?

5. Do you have any condition which affects arm or leg movements?

6. Do you have any false or missing limbs?

7. Have you been rejected, or accepted at increased premiums for life insurance on medical grounds?

8. Please give name and address of family doctor:


I certify that the above facts are true to the best of my belief and I understand that my licence may be invalid/withdrawn should any prove to be so. There is no known medical reason that would debar me from entering the O.P.R.A. event selected above. I also authorise any hospital or medical practitioner to furnish information relative to my medical condition to ORPA. These details are strictly confidential, your doctor will not be contacted without your prior knowledge and in any event where there may be a medical query.

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The track will be a mixture of woodland and open fields with natural and man-made obstacles with hard and easy routes to give everyone a challenge and a bit of fun. No tyre restrictions, BUT THERE IS 94db NOISE LIMIT AND ALL BIKES WILL BE NOISE TESTED. IF YOUR BIKE IS OVER THE LIMIT YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO START Race Starts at 11am duration 3 hrs. The Event will be sign posted with orange arrows off the A21 and A28, the venue is located in Westfield, cottage lane, East Sussex TN35 4RP (this postcode will get you into cottage lane, please follow signage to find event)

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