• Events we will be attending in 2018
  • »January 2018 - Africa Eco Race (The Real Dakar!)
  • »March 2018 - Tuareg Rallye
  • »April 2018 - Tour of Portugal, Morocco Desert Challenge, Merzouga Rally
  • »May 2018 - Hellas Rally, Illyria Raid, Erzberg Rodeo
  • »June 2018 - Rally Albania
  • »July 2018 - Red Bull Romaniacs
  • »August 2018 - Serres Rally
  • »October 2018 - Rally Maroc, Baja Rally Mexico

Bike Preparation

Desert Rose Racing have full workshop facilities combined with technical knowledge and expertise to prepare and build your specific rally bike.

As agents for most of the rallye equipment on the market, we have everything to hand so that you can “pick and mix” your own rallye bike.



Tidy Cables

When we have to add additional cabling we ensure it’s all neatly routed

steering-damper-2Steering Damper

We have lots of experience fitting aftermarket steering dampers


Navigation TowerNavigation Setup


There are lots of different navigation tower options on the market, we can help you choose the best fit for your bike and the event you’re taking part in. Once the navigation tower is chosen we can setup the extra instrumentation and navigation controls required.


After Market Cooling

We’ve also got experience with setting up after market cooling



Here at Desert Rose Racing we have also developed our own products such as oil coolers, wiring harnesses and radiators for the more extreme rallies.

Whether you just need a larger tank for a Baja event or a full blown “Dakar Style” bike with double Hella lights, long range tanks, fairing, steering damper and full cockpit, then we can help.

bike build photo

bike build photo 2

Romaniacs Prepped EXC






bike build photo 3

For more information, please email info@desertroseracing.com

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