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BAJA RALLY 2016 – Mexico



ENSENADA, BAJA CA, MEXICO- www.bajarallymoto.com has announced dates and plans for the 2016 edition of BAJA RALLY slated for October 10-15, 2016 here in the Mexican port city of Ensenada. Tentative pricing and event details have been posted on the BAJA RALLY 2016 website.


The 6 day event will feature 5 days of rally stage racing, including an opening “prologue” stage to decide the starting order of the main event, comprised 4 world-class BAJA RALLY stages the event is becoming well known for.

“We’re excited to unveil our initial plans to return to Ensenada with an invitation from BAJA RALLY Godfather Nico Saad at his iconic San Nicolas Hotel”, explained BAJA RALLY Vice President Fred Sobke. “Our team has 11 months of work ahead of us and everyone is ready to get going.”


BAJA RALLY President “Poncho” Alonso said he and his team are already working behind the scenes to map out the general route plans and bivouac strategy for the 6-day event. Poncho says BAJA RALLY is leveraging the strong relationships and reputation they have built with the local Mexican hosts, across all fronts.

“We have much work to do from now”, Poncho explains, “But with our full support of authorities, owners and venders, we keep going toward 2016 with a labor of love. So, as we say here in Mexico, animo!”

With BAJA RALLY 2015’s initial success of RALLY COMP, a revolutionary safety and compliance & tracking metering device. The 2016 BAJA RALLY will again deploy the RALLY COMP as the cornerstone of the timing and scoring element and will eliminate the GPS requirement that was compulsory in the first 3 editions. Riders may still carry GPS units as a backup to record their tracks.


In addition to an extra day of racing in 2016, BAJA RALLY is planning to release details on a round-trip cargo shipping option for European riders to make the logistics of the trip to Mexico more logistically feasible. The program provides riders a free method to transport their bikes and gear. With the phenomenal success of Englishman Lyndon Poskitt’s 2nd place overall last month along with Japanese teammate Yuji Shinohara’s finish, only adds to the draw and allure the BAJA RALLY is having on the international rally racing community.

British web-TV star Lyndon Poskitt became the sensation of BAJA RALLY 2016 by battling with BAJA racing champions Steve Hengeveld and Cameron Steele, both who eventually joined Poskitt on the OA podium after 4 days at war.


“Lyndon showed up and took BAJA RALLY by storm, illuminating the entire event with his charismatic persona and intelligent rally experience”, recalls Sobke. “We all loved his sportsmanship and competiveness mixed in with a lighthearted and easy going attitude. It was a highlight and honor for us to see him run the best result of his career.”


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