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Africa Eco Race- The Real Race to Dakar

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Below is information relating this years event.

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Here we are, spring has arrived meaning the preparations of the 2015 edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE have started. The biggest update of this edition, which will happen between December 28th 2014 and January 11th 2015, is an extra stage in Mauritania with 100% of sand ! This should make happy all of those who love nature and wilderness.

The Calendar

The technical and administrative checks of the Rally caravan will happen on December 28th 2014. Without a doubt, as last year, thousands of spectators will come to encourage the adventurers and see the beautiful machines.
After crossing the Mediterranean sea by boat from Europe to Morocco, the first stage on December 30th 2014 will be a sort of warm up stage for the participants, before crossing Morocco in 4 stages.

Then will be a well deserved resting day, in order to charge the batteries before entering Mauritania, awaited by everyone on the AFRICA ECO RACE. Once the Mauritanian dunes will be behind, on January 11th 2015 the ultimate stage will take place on the beaches of Lac Rose in DAKAR. The party will be joyfull on the Lac Rose podium where all the participants from first to last, will be applauded and photographed with their deserved trophies.

Africa Eco Race 2015 route

The Course

According to the participants, the quality of the course and road books has been proven till now. However, each year it’s a real headache for René METGE and his team, Manfred KROISS and José Maria SERVIA, to find new tracks and bivouac emplacements in these beautiful landscapes, which only Africa offers and all of this with as little liaisons as possible. Anyhow, nothing can stop them, the team is actually already preparing the course on computer which is double checked on the field during the month of May before validating the final course during recos in September.

As usual, Morocco will have five stages and René METGE has complered a number of hours in the helicopter during the last edition to spot new tracks. The real new thing on next year edition is the extra stage in Mauritania. In reality, the caravan of the AFRICA ECO RACE will stay during three nights on the same bivouac. In other words, the participants will do two loops starting from the same bivouac. This will give them the opportunity to enjoy their race and the bivouac’s warm ambiance even more but will also be a chance for the assistance to rest a little more.

Preferential rates until June 30th 2014- for entry fees

The registrations are open. As usual on the AFRICA ECO RACE, different rates are appliable. In a shorter way, the earlier you register, the less your entry will cost you. Indeed, if you register before the 1st of July, according to the category, you will save between 20 and 25% compared to the normal rates. You will find all the needed information and documentation

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straight on www.africarace.com.

africa eco race-bike photo


The Raid is there for those who want to live the rally from the inside, benefitting from all the security and logistics of a great African rally and also by using some of the tracks of the race without the timing part.

The TV media report

The production team of AFRICA ECO RACE is composed of 5 cameramen, 5 mounters, 1 sound technician, 1 server technician, 1 onboard camera technician, 2 coordinators, 2 journalists, 1 translator and 3 drivers.
Three helicopters and three 4×4 are there for recording, from the air and on the track. A team, composed of 2 journalists, 1 cameraman and 1 sound technician are recording all interviews at the end of stages. Thereby, on the last edition, EUROSPORT and EUROSPORT 2 have broadcasted 44 programs twice a day during 13 minutes. This means over 4 744 000 people have followed the rally.
Also, MOTORS TV has also diffused 44 programs of 13 minutes and 12 summaries of 48 minutes.
All of that without counting the summaries which were broadcasted on about 30 channels in 20 different countries.
A worldwide media impact giving the opportunity to every participant to be seen with their sponsors.

africa eco race-helicopter photo

Contacts for the Africa Eco Race:

▪ Competitors Department : concurrents@africarace.com
▪ Press Office : presse@africarace.com
▪ General Info: info@africarace.com

All the info on their website : www.africarace.com

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