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At Desert Rose Racing we are proud to offer the highest quality products and services for the Motorcycle Rally competitor. Formed in 2007 and headed by Dakar veteran Patsy Quick, we have built a huge wealth of knowledge that can only be gained from many years of hands-on rally experience.

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We specialize in Rally and Enduro event assistance, as well as Adventure tours and Bike preparation. Rider training is comprehensively taken care of by our ‘Adventure Riding Academy’.

All together with our expert and highly experienced team, we now offer a “one stop shop” for anyone wanting to get involved in off-road motorcycling, no matter what level you aspire to. Hopefully, our website gives all the information you will need, but we will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Please feel free to e-mail info@desertroseracing.com.

So where did it all start?

The Early days

Patsy’s love of desert riding began when she first journeyed through the Sahara with her husband Clive in 1990. Prior to that she worked as a motorbike courier. Her debut African rally came a full nine years later when in 1999 she became the first British woman to successfully complete the Optic 2000 Rallye Tunisie. After that, Patsy’s riding career went from strength to strength. In 2000 she won the British Women’s Enduro Championship title, while in 2001 she won both the European Women’s Enduro Championship and the British Women’s Enduro Motocross Championship.

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The Dakar

The Dakar was always her ultimate ambition and in 2003 she became the first ever British woman to compete in the world-famous rally. But 2003 was to be a real “baptism of fire” for Patsy who crashed heavily in the desert, where she was temporarily blinded and unable to walk. Fortunately, she was spotted by a media helicopter, which transported her to a makeshift hospital.

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Dakar 2006 004

Patsy, was then flown to Cairo where she underwent life-saving surgery to remove her spleen. Despite her “near-death” experience, Patsy was desperate to compete again in 2004. She was one of two women to enter into the rally. Sadly, on day nine her attempt to continue ended when she failed to make her start time due to treacherous weather conditions.


2005 saw Patsy with mechanical failures on her KTM resulting in a very disappointing early retirement. Despite all the setbacks, her strong will and determination won through and in 2006 Patsy finally reached her long-term goal of becoming the first ever British Woman to finish the Dakar Rally.

Since completing the Dakar in 2006, Patsy and Desert Rose have gone from strength to strength. Assisting at all major events, including the infamous ‘Dakar’, both when it ran in Africa, and now in South America.

Patsy’s love of North Africa and racing in the desert has never left her, and in 2012, she entered the ‘Heroes Legend Rally’. The event ran on similar tracks and routes that the great ‘Dakar’ used too when it was based in Africa! Alongside her Assistance team and 11 other riders, aboard her KTM690 RR she won the event outright.




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